Enhance Office Workflow with the Best All-in-One Printers

All-in-One Printers

Enhance your office workflow with the best all-in-one printers. Many people may not require an all-in-one printer, as a scanning app paired with a basic print-only laser machine can suffice for occasional tasks. If you have a school-age child or need to copy and scan documents for work often, choosing an all-in-one printer could be helpful. This device isn’t just for printing; it can scan, copy, and fax documents. It’s perfect for those who want one device instead of separate printers, scanners, and fax machines, especially with limited space.

All recommended printers have faxing capabilities or can be upgraded with a fax kit. The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e is our top choice for its easy setup, affordable operation, device compatibility, quality printing, and warranty.

The Best All-in-One Printer: HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e – A Detailed Analysis

The top inkjet all-in-one printer is available at various retailers: $229 from Amazon, $230 from HP, and $290 from Staples. Improve office efficiency with the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e. Its user-friendly printer security features, affordable ink, and the extended warranty set it apart. Plus, it delivers sharp results.

Enhance office productivity with the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e. It’s easy to set up and prints crisp documents and photos quickly.

Get HP’s Instant Ink for affordable color printing and an extended printer warranty. The HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e excels in printer performance and design.

The printer setup process is seamless. Setting up the 9015e is a breeze with the on-screen keyboard for printer Wi-Fi connectivity. It only takes under 10 minutes, including ink installation. Compared to other brands, it’s a modern and smooth process. With the HP Smart app, adding the printer setup from your smartphone is simple in a few steps.

You don’t need to second-guess maintenance levels. The HP Smart software makes managing your printer easy. Check ink levels, order ink, adjust settings, and access the Embedded Web Server effortlessly.

Printing at home becomes cost-effective with it. Printing at home is affordable with the 9015e. It includes enough ink for 850 black-and-white or 420-color pages. A full set of cartridges costs $160, lasting for 2,000 monochrome or 1,600 color pages. That’s 2.4¢ per black page or 8.8¢ per color page.

HP provides an Instant Ink subscription service. The tiered program is based on your monthly printing volume, from 10 to 700 pages, with a six-month trial included. With Instant Ink, the cost ranges from 9.9¢ to 3.5¢ per page, regardless of color. When printer ink usage is low, cartridges are automatically shipped. Unused pages roll over, up to three times your plan amount, and extra pages cost $1 each.

Moreover, enrolling in the Instant Ink program extends the printer’s coverage to 2 (two) years.

All-in-One Printers: HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e: Review and Performance Analysis

The 9015e prints with precision. In our tests, text appeared dark and sharp, easily readable down to 4 points in most fonts. Graphics were clear and vibrant on default settings, with minimal banding observed when printing full-page graphics on copy paper.

Glossy prints looked exceptional under the Best quality setting. This optional print setting enhanced our borderless 8.5-by-11-inch glossy prints, making them look fantastic on the fridge despite colors slightly skewing bluer and having increased contrast compared to the source photos.

It operates at a satisfyingly fast printing speed. According to HP, this model can print up to 22 monochrome pages per minute or 18 color pages per minute, making it the rapid inkjet we recommend.

If you have any more demands, you can If you have more demands, you can, you can Scanning was also quick in our tests, taking an average of 3 to 5 seconds on the automatic document feeder. Duplex scanning slowed because the feeder had to pull each sheet through twice. If you have any more demands, you can opt for a printer capable of single-pass duplex scanning.

If you don’t often print large jobs, the delay may not be significant. Wirecutter senior editor Marguerite Preston, who has owned the 9015e for three years, notes, “It’s plenty fast for me.

It’s more reliable. In our trials, the 9015e managed paper adeptly. It smoothly operated with full and almost empty trays, scanned wrinkled paper seamlessly, and consistently fed one page at a time. Plus, our ADF scans were almost perfectly straight, which is rare among printers we’ve tried.

It adds an attractive touch to any workstation. We like the sleek, modern printer interface design of the OfficeJet Pro 9015e compared to older OfficeJet models. Looks aren’t the most important factor for office equipment, particularly if it will remain in your home office for an extended period.

The Best multifunction laser printer: HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw – A Detailed Analysis

The top laser all-in-one printer is available at various retailers: $548 from Amazon, $549 from HP, and $550 from Best Buy.

This model delivers clear text and vivid graphics with low operating costs, though it requires HP toner replacements.

The HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw features a user-friendly touch interface and a modern mobile app, offering a less frustrating printing experience than other models.

It prints clear black text, vivid graphics, and decent photos suitable for school projects. While our inkjet pick may offer slightly better photo quality, this Inkjet vs laser printer won’t clog with infrequent use.

Plus, it’s fast, reaching up to 22 pages per minute, and has a bypass slot for printing on envelopes and other odd-size media. The HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw is easy to set up, has affordable running costs, and delivers high-quality prints for home offices or small businesses. Unlike inkjets, it won’t clog from infrequent use.

Efficiency and Quality: HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M283fdw Review

The setup process is seamless. Setting up this laser printer was a breeze during our tests, thanks to the easy-to-use touchscreen guiding us through in under 10 minutes.

Although expensive, this printer offers low per-print costs. The M283fdw may seem pricey at over $450, but it’s the most dependable multifunction printer for small businesses. Opting for high-yield toner keeps printing costs low at 3.3¢ per black page and 16.3¢ per color print, although replacement toner sets cost $440.

You’re limited to using HP toner. Due to HP’s new firmware, only genuine HP toner is compatible with this printer. Using generic cartridges voids the warranty.

It delivers crisp text and vibrant graphics. In our tests, the M283fdw printed clear, crisp text as small as 3 points, ensuring legibility even for tiny subscripts and footer text.

It produced high-quality, vibrant graphics on regular and glossy paper, almost matching our top pick, the Brother MFC-L3780CDW, with only slightly more pixelation and banding.

It provides versatile printing support. No need to adjust the main printer paper tray size—this model includes a bypass slot for labels and envelopes. Moreover, printing wirelessly via Wi-Fi and using the optional HP Smart app make printing without a computer easier.

It occupies a lot of space. The M283fdw weighs over twice as much as our budget pick, the Brother MFC-J4335DW, and requires ample desk space due to its 19-inch depth, making it unsuitable for most bookshelves.

The Best Budget Printer: Brother MFC-J4335DW – A Detailed Analysis

A budget-friendly all-in-one printer is available at various retailers: $180 from Amazon, $180 from Staples, and $160 from Best Buy.

If you print sparingly or require a basic color printer with scanning, this inkjet model is budget-friendly.

The Brother MFC-J4335DW is perfect if you don’t have heavy printing needs and want a printer reliable with low supply costs.

It comes with a year’s worth of ink and using Brother’s high-yield cartridges reduces printing costs to 1¢ per page for black and 4.7¢ for color, making it much cheaper than other models. In our tests, it produced clear text and realistic glossy images, but scanning is slower, and photo prints on copy paper smudge easily.

Installing it can be tricky due to its outdated website-based installers and small display screen, taking up to 25 minutes compared to our main pick’s 10-minute setup. Despite being slower and having a clunky interface, the Brother MFC-J4335DW offers good print quality at an affordable price.

Efficiency and Quality: Brother MFC-J4335DW Review

Low-print-volume households find it ideal. At $180, the MFC-J4335DW is among the most budget-friendly all-in-one models we’ve tested. It doesn’t increase printing costs either. This model comes with 1,080 pages worth of black ink and 720 of color, estimated to last about a year by Brother.

Sudden high printing demands won’t blow your budget with this printer. Upgrading to high-yield cartridges, which print up to 6,000 black-and-white pages and 5,000 color pages, costs roughly 1¢ per page for monochrome and 4.7¢ per page for color. So printing the occasional book report or full manuscript draft at home is cost-effective compared to going to a local office-supply store.

It surpasses many competitors in print quality. In our tests, this model printed clear text as small as 3 points, essential for legal documents. The Brother MFC-J805DW achieved clarity down to 6-point text, unlike this model’s 3-point clarity.

While the images were decent, they lacked the vibrancy of our top HP inkjet pick. Glossy photos were sharp, but it struggled with seamless prints on copy paper, often showing banding.

Its scanning process is slow and produces flat results. This all-in-one printer is slow at scanning, taking about 7 seconds compared to the 3 to 5 seconds of others. While it may not seem like much, it can feel like forever when you’re in a rush.

Furthermore, its scans often exhibit excessive contrast, resulting in the loss of details in darker regions.

The printer installation process remains outdated. The Brother MFC-J4335DW has confusing website-based installers, making setup stressful. Its small screen adds to the difficulty. Compared to the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e’s 10-minute setup, this printer took about 25 minutes in our tests.

Brother offers a two-year limited warranty.

The Best upgrade printer with better speed and features: Brother MFC-L3780CDW – A Detailed Analysis

Small businesses and home offices prioritize printer speed and printer features are available at various retailers: $500 from Amazon, and $500 from Best Buy.

This top-notch machine is perfect for home offices or small businesses. It’s faster, sharper, sturdier, and more secure than others. Consider upgrading to a Brother MFC-L3780CDW for heavy printing and scanning tasks. It’s quicker, sharper, and more reliable than inkjets. With strong admin and printer security settings, it’s ideal for printer paper handling sensitive data like legal documents or scanned IDs.

Although the toner cartridge costs are high, it lasts much longer than inkjet cartridges. The MFC-L3780CDW is worth it for businesses with moderate printing needs.

For frequent printing, choose the Brother MFC-L3780CDW. It’s pricier but faster and produces clearer prints than other options. Even though it’s expensive, the MFC-L3780CDW offers the same features as our top inkjet model, making it a top-color laser printer.

Efficiency and Quality: Brother MFC-L3780CDW Review

While it excels in printing, it may struggle with reproducing scans. The MFC-L3780CDW can print up to 31 pages per minute, faster than the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e’s 20 pages per minute.

Its text is sharper at small font sizes, down to 3.5 points compared to the HP 9015e’s 4 points.

You should Consider choosing a photo printer for sharper graphics and vibrant prints, as scans lack vibrancy.

With minimal wear and tear, it can endure extended use. MFC-L3780CDW starts faster, suits busy offices with a 4,000-page monthly duty cycle.

It prints without requiring a computer or mobile device. When you’re in a hurry and need to print quickly, only plug in a USB.

It easily handles odd-size print jobs. Tray prints letters, legal, executive, and postcards; the feeder handles legal documents.

It outperforms other security printers, inkjet, and laser printers we’ve tested. The MFC-L3780CDW enhances security with firmware integrity, encryption, directory authentication, and role-based access control.

Role-based access controls manage printer features; NFC card reader enhances security for sensitive print jobs.

Operating it over time costs little. Operating the MFC-L3780CDW over time is cost-effective, with black printing at around 2.6¢ per page and color at 15.4¢.

Laser printers waste less printer toner usage during cleaning cycles, with maximum costs, while inkjets have minimum costs.

Using the interface is straightforward. The color printer touchscreen is user-friendly and less frustrating than some rival models.

However, the MFC-L3780CDW has a black-background footer on its touchscreen, making it difficult for testers with limited vision.

The warranty has a short duration. Brother’s one-year warranty for the MFC-L3780CDW falls short compared to Canon’s three-year guarantee and HP’s on-site service.

Brother offers extended warranties starting at $103, including free repairs or next-day business shipping for refurbished replacement models.

How about ink-tank printers?

They require injecting ink from bottles into reservoirs inside the machine. These printers cost $50 to $100 more than others and offer fewer features.

But it offers an unmatched print cost per page. They print for fractions of a cent per page, both in black-and-white and color, unlike typical inkjets costing 2¢ to 10¢ per page.

However, we cannot recommend any of these machines. During our tests, ink-tank printers were slower than the HP 9015e for printing and scanning. None of them could scan two-sided documents. The ink-tank models we tried felt less sturdy than most other inkjets. Although ink-tank printers are cheaper over time, many users might not use enough ink to justify the higher initial cost.

Competitor Analysis

This list excludes discontinued printer models.

The Brother MFC-J1170DW and the Brother MFC-J5855DW delivered relatively poor print and scan quality.

The Canon Maxify MB5120’s setup was difficult, and its printer scan quality was relatively low.

In our tests, the HP Envy Inspire 7955e printed images at a slow pace, yet it generated vibrant photos. Yet, it lacked sharpness in text-heavy documents and often failed to print documents cleanly and consistently from computers or printer mobile printing devices.

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025e and the HP Envy Photo 7855 are costly to run, and we encountered performance issues with both during our tests.

The HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e works much like the OfficeJet Pro 9015e, but it’s typically $100 more, offering only an extra paper tray.

The Canon Pixma G7020 had slow print and scan speeds and a fiddly printer user interface.

The Epson EcoTank ET-2850 lacks an automatic document feeder or fax capabilities.

The Brother MFC-L3770CDW had a cumbersome interface, touchscreens prone to issues, and problematic software. During our testing, the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP 4301fdn had a difficult-to-use interface and experienced software problems. It printed graphics slowly and distorted complex images.

Upgrade your office efficiency with the best-in-class all-in-one printers. From easy setup to quality prints, these devices offer versatility and performance for your workspace. Explore our detailed analysis and make the right choice for your needs.

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