Premier Wine Clubs

Premier Wine Clubs

Our top choices—Helen’s Wine Club, SommSelect, Wine Access, and Picked by—provide quality wines at reasonable prices. Additionally, they offer cool features such as personalized selections, wine education, and a wide range of wines from around the world.

Should You Join a Premier Wine Club?

Premier Wine Clubs

Explore Helen’s Wine Club: Your Ultimate Destination for Natural Wines!

Helen’s Wine Club stands out for its superior customization options compared to other natural wine clubs. Tailor your selections to your preferences by choosing from three price options and selecting shipment frequency with the Helen’s Seasonal Six Pack subscription. Additionally, you can purchase single bottles separately and customize your order, a unique feature among the wine clubs we tested.
Helen’s Wine Club offers a captivating array of diverse wines. Helen Johannesen, the owner of the club, surprises members with rare, untasted wines and regularly samples wines to maintain quality standards.
Premier Wine Clubs
Helen’s Wine Club provides the most affordable membership option among our selections. With a two-bottle club priced at $55 (plus $20 shipping), it offers a budget-friendly choice for those not yet ready to commit to a larger subscription.

Try a few wines before deciding. SommSelect’s Explore 4 club offers four bottles at $109 plus $25 shipping. Additionally, you can buy individual bottles from Helen’s wine store, although there are fewer options under $30 compared to Wine Access.

This club emanates a mom-and-pop-shop vibe, established in 2015 by Helen Johannesen, Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo, owners of Jon & Vinny’s restaurants. We appreciate the club's casual and friendly wine descriptions, though it may not offer the same level of sophistication as SommSelect.
While we enjoyed most wines in the club, two were average but still decent quality. Most wine clubs aim to offer variety to please different tastes, so not liking every bottle isn't surprising. While larger clubs like Wine Access offer refunds for disliked bottles, Helen’s doesn’t guarantee this (neither do our other recommendations). However, if you receive a bad bottle, you can reach out to Helen’s for assistance.

Discover SommSelect: Your Premier Educational Wine Club!

Premier Wine Clubs

SommSelect offers many features we value in a subscription service. Along with delicious wines, it provides excellent customer service and offers a diverse selection available for individual purchase. Their Build A Case option allows you to customize your order, perfect for those who want control.

The club includes informative pamphlets with beautiful designs, making it a great gift choice. Wine experts curate small-batch wines from lesser-known regions worldwide, sourcing and tasting regularly.

We tested two of their clubs, explore 4 and Somm 6, and found flavorful, diverse wines with ample regional variation.

However, SommSelect assists you in understanding your preferences and adjusts future selections based on your feedback.

Discover Wine Access: Exceptional Wines, Exceptional Service!

They also offer educational materials, including interactive content, and wine clubs that let you taste wines featured in their podcasts. With a rigorous selection process and direct sourcing from wineries, Wine Access ensures quality and offers small-production bottles.

They also include a free ice pack with shipments to prevent wine spoilage in high temperatures, and they allow you to delay shipment until conditions are safe for delivery.

In a recent shipment, three wines were still from California, but the other three were from Europe, providing more variety. Wine Access clubs ship less frequently, typically four to six times per year, so expect longer waits between deliveries.

Extensive Wine Selections Await!
Premier Wine Clubs

The Picked Wine quiz is helpful, allowing you to specify preferences like price and delivery frequency. You’re paired with a personal some who selects wines for you, but you can also choose your bottles if preferred.

While not focused on education like some clubs, Picked offers speedy customer service and the convenience of chatting with representatives online. They replace damaged wines and work with you on disliked bottles.

Discover More Great Wine Clubs!

If you’re on the East Coast and looking for a brick-and-mortar shop that ships, consider The Grand Tour Wine Club by Verve Wine in NYC. Shipping costs extra, but supporting local businesses is a plus if you’re nearby.

Our Testing Process

I, along with senior editor Marguerite Preston, supervising editor Marilyn Ong, and senior staff writer Lesley Stockton, tasted each wine. We assessed the wines based on factors like aroma, acidity, and finish, even if we didn’t like a particular wine.

We also evaluated the quality of informational materials provided. After tasting, I revealed the labels, and Thomas assisted us in determining if the subscription and individual bottles were priced appropriately.

What Exactly is Natural Wine?

Natural wines are often from organically or biodynamically farmed grapes, with minimal additives and filtration. In our 2024 review, we tested five natural premier wine clubs and found Helen’s Wine Club to stand out for offering well-made, balanced, and nuanced natural wines without being overly funky.

Premier Wine Clubs

Explore the world of fine wines with our carefully selected premier wine clubs. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a curious novice, these clubs provide access to exquisite flavors, diverse varietals, and enriching experiences. From the organic offerings of Helen’s Wine Club to the educational journey with SommSelect, each option is sure to enhance your wine appreciation.

Join the ranks of discerning enthusiasts and embark on a journey of taste and discovery with these exceptional wine clubs. Here’s to a voyage filled with the finest selections and unforgettable moments. Cheers

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