Renew your outdoor look with 12 easy garden terrace ideas

Garden Terrace Ideas: Matthieu Salvaing

Renew your outdoor look with 12 easy garden terrace ideas. Transform your outdoor terrace into a summer oasis with smart design. A terrace, essentially an open space adjacent to or atop a building, extends living and entertaining areas, adding charm to your home’s exterior. While like a patio, a terrace often stands alone and offers more space, commonly found in urban settings.

Excited for summer? Unleash your terrace’s potential with our decorating ideas. Explore Thom Filicia’s cozy Manhattan retreat or Alvisi Kirimoto’s elegant Italian escape. Get inspired to create your outdoor sanctuary this summer at Baharlivings.

Upgrade Garden Terrace Ideas with Built-In Terrace Seating Design

Richard Powers

On the lower-level terrace of producer Jamie Tarses’s Hollywood Hills home, guests can gather around the fire pit for casual conversations and snacks. Cushions on the built-in seating allow for easy seasonal changes.

Explore Space-Saving Solutions: Compact Garden Terrace Ideas

Nick Johnson

On the outdoor terrace of this Thom Filicia project in Manhattan’s West Village, a custom sofa offers prime viewing. Dual-purpose low stools double as cocktail tables, maximizing floor space for guests to mingle.

Embrace Rustic Charm: Terrace Design with Natural Materials

Trevor Tondro

On the terrace of Kathryn M. Ireland’s Santa Monica home, a stucco sectional features cushions in neutral outdoor fabric and plenty of pillows for added comfort. Pendant light and natural fiber seating enhance the relaxed ambiance.

European Coastal Charm: Terrace Design Vibes

Garden Terrace Ideas: Ricardo Labougle

Sénateur Lafolette roses adorn John-Mark Horton’s terrace overlooking the French Riviera—Monaco visible in the distance! Simple wrought-iron chairs and hand-painted dishes invite guests to linger.

Clean and Simple Terrace Design

Nicholas Calcott

On David Rockwell’s New York City rooftop terrace, blue stands out as a key element, reflecting the architect’s fondness for it. A variety of seating options, including lounge designs by Roche Bobois and plush sofas, create an inviting space for visitors.

Terrace with Stylish Area Rug

Garden Terrace Ideas: Bjorn Wallander

On the covered terrace of this coastal sanctuary designed by Carlos Mota, a large sisal rug separates the living area from the dining and entertainment spaces. The furnishings showcase a blend of stylistic influences.

Eclectic Terrace Design

Serena Eller Vainicher

On the upper-floor terrace of a Roman apartment designed by Alvisi Kirimoto, the view of the Colosseum and earthy terra-cotta flooring are complemented by standout patio chairs from Maarten Baas. Mixing styles adds charm.

Vibrant Terrace Accents

Garden Terrace Ideas: Matthieu Salvaing

The fourth-floor terrace of this family home in Ibiza, designed by Casa Muñoz, offers dining and lounging areas. Bright yellow fabric on the reupholstered seating complements the local architecture, while potted plants add garden vibes with low maintenance.

Cozy Sunken Terrace

Simon Wilson

At Jenni Kayne’s New Zealand retreat, the sunken terrace boasts landscape design by Suzanne Turley. Squared-off sofas create a cozy conversation pit overlooking the garden.

Cozy Urban Terrace

Garden Terrace Ideas: Max Kim-Bee

Designer Brian McCarthy created an inviting rooftop retreat in New York City, featuring cozy outdoor furniture and blooming trellises. Coordinated cushions unite the space, offering distinct areas for relaxing and dining outdoors.

Terrace Fireplace Designs

Trevor Tondro

On the vast terrace of the Pacific Palisades, California, a residence crafted by Alison Palesvky, cozy sofas, and a cocktail table offer a perfect setting for outdoor gatherings. A rear-built fireplace adds charm to summer evening get-togethers.

Contemporary Country Terrace

Garden Terrace Ideas: Nicole Franzen

On the terrace of Christine and John Gachot’s Manhattan penthouse, originally crafted by Paul Rudolph, four deck chairs evoke a cozy cabin feel. Ready for s’mores?

Transform your outdoor space into a summer sanctuary with these inspiring garden terrace ideas. Whether you’re seeking cozy seating arrangements or vibrant accents, there’s a design here for every style. Embrace the beauty of outdoor living and create your perfect retreat today. For more design inspiration, visit Baharlivings.

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